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Play shapes and my own character card!玩转图形和我的专属字卡!

Do you know the Chinese traditional puzzle--tangram? It's a well-known brain developing game  made out of seven pieces blocks of different shapes. In elementary classroom it is also a good way to bring about the unit of shapes. 你知道中国的七巧板吗?这是一种众所周知的儿童益智游戏。在我们的课堂中也是引入“图形”单元的一种不错的方式。 We... Continue Reading →

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New Start in Kindergarten

After the journey in LILA kinder prep I come to kindergarten to continue my explore in LILA. From now on let's move our eyes from our little cuties of 3 or 4 years old to another group of little cuties,... Continue Reading →

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Chinese New Year Special 中国新年特辑

January the 27th is a big day. What?! It's the start of Chinese spring festival! In LILA the school staff also prepare the big celebration for this Chinese learning community on Jan. 29th. Now come with me and have a... Continue Reading →

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2nd week——Here comes the animals!

Wow! The 2nd week has passed! Let's see what happened in this amazing week! 这学期的第二周过去啦,现在让我们来看看这一周的精彩瞬间吧! 和国内最近“带一条小鱼来学校观察的”新闻不谋而合的是,我们班也来了一条小鱼(pez),给小朋友们观察。上图为班上的小朋友们围坐在鱼缸周围,好奇地观看鱼缸里的小鱼。Similar as what has happened recently in China coincidently, the observing of a little fish started our second week. The letter of this week is... Continue Reading →

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新学期 Welcome Back!

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Life in LILA

I'm Cindy, a Chinese volunteer teacher in LILA(Lakes International Language Aademye). Now I am working  in kinder prep, which is a preschool for  3 or 4 years old kids.  It's my first time working with so little kids.  This experience... Continue Reading →

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Weeks around Thanksgiving

The letter for these two weeks around Thanksgiving is letter "I". Simple, right? Thanksgiving Day is a big holiday in America when families are getting together having a big celebration feast. It is on the 4th Thursday of November every... Continue Reading →

Animals in Winter冬天的动物

Winter is coming!!! 冬天来了! What are some animals do in winter? 动物们冬天都在做什么呢? Some of them will hide in a cave for hibernation and others will migrate to somewhere warmer. There are also some animals that will stay active even in... Continue Reading →

我们的万圣节 Come on Halloween!

Halloween is coming!

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