This week is from Oct.10th to 14th and it’s about the very gorgeous season, autumn here in Minnesota.

The fall here is filled with red,orange,yellow,brown and green.We let kids collect leaves of all colors outside and bring to classroom to make their own “fall collection”!


They are supposed to color some blank leaves with crayons on the front side of paper and stick real autumn leaves on the backside. These are their amazing works!!

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Autumn is also a good harvest season! Pumpkin is definitely the star of this time of the year.

What’s the color of pumpkins? Orange! Yes!  我们这周学的就是橙色! Orange in Chinese is what we learnt this week. Together with our another learning goal, letter E, see what we make?

After red and letter A,B,C and D we have learnt orange in Chinese (chengse) and letter E! The autumn here is so rich and colorful and I feel so happy to have this chance to experience the fall in countryside and learn about the beauty of nature with our little cute kids!

This autumn is full of harvest and love and kids in our preschool are growing up little by little with all the liveliness in the love as well as blessings of all people!