This week is a week full of surprises because each day all the teachers and kids in kinder prep will do something special according to the theme of the day.

10.24 Monday–Pajamas Day

Teachers and kids are supposed to wear their pajamas that they wear at home to school to make this school day a fun day.

The setting of a pajamas day at school is sometimes a prize to students for being good at school generally. Most elementary schools in America will have a pajamas day, the meaning of which is to make students feel as comfortable as at home when they are at school and have so much fun!

Guess what?! It is really fun to see others’ pajamas at a work place:)

Me in my pajamas in our classroom

10.25 Tuesday–Crazy Hair Day

Crazy hair day is another fun school day of this week! Everybody’s hair will have to go crazy today! All kinds of colors, braiding and hair bands on our kids’ heads. It is really a pity that I didn’t take pictures of our kids’crazy hair that day.><

My crazy hair

The letter A in my hand in the above picture is the craft work of one kid in my class. This fun week is also a review week so we review all the letters, numbers and colors we have taught in the last couple of weeks.

10.26 Wednesday–LILA Pride Day

This day teachers and students should wear a T-shirt with logos of our school (LILA) to show our pride for being a part of this school.

Dragon is the symbol of our school LILA. Interns like me are called “Language Ambassador” because our purpose being here is for language and culture exchange, which makes us like a little ambassador.

10.27 Thursday–Super Hero Day

This day must be our kids’ favorite because they can dress up like they favorite super heroes like superman, spider man, batman, super woman, wonder woman, power ninja, iron man, ninja turtle and so on and on. Life for a lot of kids here is all about super heroes as well as princesses. Wouldn’t that be so cool and exciting when you could become a super hero that you have dreamed about all the time in real life?

For our kids who come to school bravely these days, I want just want to say that you are all my little super heroes!

As for me, I don’t have any super hero costume or many clothes featured in super hero so one of our classroom teachers made me a paper board saying “Super Teacher Xu Laoshi”! Well I might not be a super good teacher now but I can’t deny that I am on my way there!

Go go! Everybody!

10.28 Friday–Mismatching Day

It is the day when people should wear something mismatching to school, like two different socks or shoes, asymmetric hair style, shorts on the long pants……


On this day I wore different socks and a ear stud only on my left ear.

Above is all about this week! Let’s expect Halloween next week! SEE YA!