Halloween(万圣节)  is a very popular festival for American people. It’s not like other holidays when people can get days off of work and relax a bit but more like a big carnival bombarded with costumes and parties.

The time of Halloween is 10.31, right in the middle of autumn. It happens at a time of the year when lots of harvests happen therefore it’s a sort of celebration of harvest. As for the reason why so many ghosts will come out at this day, it still remains a mystery to me.

Now let’s see what we did in kinder prep to celebrate Halloween and made it a fun school day!

Halloween special decorations are up!!

Do you find those hanging bats, spiders and Jack O’Lantern face?

ghosts in classroom

These ghosts made out of white cups and shredded tissues are a part of our kids’ crafts work.

Come our kinder fashion show!

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Trick or Treat! We know how to share!

kids sat in a circle and everyone had got a handmade Halloween trick or treat bag in front of them. Those kids who had brought treats(candies) to school will go around the circle to give away their treats. And every one needed to say “trick or treat” before getting one and “Gracias” (Thank you in Spanish) after.

our special trick or treat

Guess who I was on this day? A bunny!

Princess, super heroes, animals and all kinds of animation characters make up the majority of this costume carnival.

Costume is also a fun part for teachers and staff! Adults can go crazy!!

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