Winter is coming!!! 冬天来了!

What are some animals do in winter? 动物们冬天都在做什么呢?

Some of them will hide in a cave for hibernation and others will migrate to somewhere warmer. There are also some animals that will stay active even in winter coldness. 一些动物们要躲在洞里冬眠,一些动物们要迁徙到温暖的地方过冬,还有一些动物即便在寒冷的冬天还是保持活动。那么,我们这一周见到的动物朋友是谁呢? Then who did we meet this week?

一只咖啡色的熊!A brown bear! 它正在冬眠呢!She is hibernating in her warm cave!

We let kids make a cave out of brown paper bag and put cotton around the cave as snow. Then they color the bear brown and put it in the cave. We also put three words card with “brown” “bear” “hibernation” in Chinese in the cave for them to review. 我们用咖啡色的纸袋做出了熊的洞穴,再将白色的棉花球撕碎粘在洞的四周做雪。然后让孩子们把涂成咖啡色的熊放进洞中,开始它的冬眠。最后我们还把今天学的三个词“咖啡色”“熊”“冬眠”也一起放在洞里,以帮助他们复习。

crafts by our kids

The color for this week is brown. The theme for this peoriod is animals in winter. 我们这一周所学的颜色是咖啡色, 这一段时间的学习主题是冬天的动物们都在干什么,于是咖啡色的熊就毫无疑问成为了这一周的关键角色!


Dots art and punching are great ways to learn and practice letters! For the goose kids should punch out the letter “G” first and glue cottons on it as feathers and then googley eyes, beak and feet.

Tracing is also a good way for learning letters and numbers! Look at the number four!

These are our two excellent classroom teachers! One is teaching a spanish song about frog, and another is telling a story about a hungry hungry caterpillar.

Guess what is our letter for next week from the next pictures? 猜一猜我们下周学哪个字母呢?看下面的图就知道啦!

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