The letter for these two weeks around Thanksgiving is letter “I”. Simple, right? Thanksgiving Day is a big holiday in America when families are getting together having a big celebration feast. It is on the 4th Thursday of November every year.在感恩节的前后两周,我们学习的字母是”I”,是不是感觉这是一个非常简单的字母呢?今年11月的第四个星期四是11月24日,也就是今年的感恩节。

“I” for Ice cream

Now let’s make some sentences with letter “I”!

  1. “I” had a lot of good food on Thanksgiving.
  2. “I” had turkey for the first time in my life.
  3. “I” didn’t have ice cream that day.
  4. 我学了字母”I”。

img_1336Colorful dot art and simple clear tape can always make good letter crafts for  young kids.

See the turkey in the middle of the picture? Guess how we make it?

Yes!  It’s actually our kids’ hand painting. We paint different colors on their palms and fingers to make the body and colorful tails of a turkey. Then we paste googly eys, paint the red chin and draw his legs.

The tree shape on the top is homework for both kids and parents to let them write down family traditions in the holiday period.







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After Thanksgiving comes Christmas! It is indeed a time full of holidays around this time of a year. Usually families start to put up Christmas decors right after the week of Thanksgiving. You would surely feel the very strong holiday atmosphere when you see so many lights of all shapes lightening up every roads you pass by and the whole land.

We will definitely eat a lot, laugh a lot and enjoy a lot of American culture these days. “I” feel excited just by thinking about all the desserts and candies! (Please don’t call me a foodie, please. I already knew it><)

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