After two weeks of winter break, here comes the first week of new semester. In this week they listened more carefully and behaved much better than I thought they woud be. The changes of our kids surprise me in many ways and make me wonder what is the magic of this winter break. Indeed, for three years old kids like my students, changes and progress happen everyday and we never know how much huge potentials and talents they have got. Therefore we should never underestimate our kids, or they will always surprise you!

两周的冬假之后我们迎来了新的学期!这一周里孩子们表现出了出乎意料的安静和听话。这让我大吃一惊,因为我原本以为放假回来的他们一定很难静下心来,乖乖听老师的话。负责管理的老师告诉我,根据往年的经验,圣诞节假期过后孩子们会有一个比较大的变化,因此我们kinder prep部的汉语和西班牙语教学也要从适当使用英语辅助向加强目标语输入过渡。这个年级的孩子每一天都在长大,都有新的变化,我们永远也不知道孩子们蕴藏着多大的潜能。所以千万不要小看孩子哟,不然他们会经常给你惊喜的!

Now let’s see what we have got in the first week! 现在让我们来看看,这一周我们做了些什么呢?

Yes! The letter for this week is “K”! Do you still remember what we did with letter J last time before Christmas break?  Right! We also did painting like this!

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Tissue paper pasting is always a good way to train both fine motor skills as well as letter learning. Taking off the letter-shaped paper after painting is like a magic for kids, which is really an attraction to their mind. Linking letter learning with some kind of animals is also a popular way in America for kids to get familiar with the 24 basic alphabets.


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We reviewed the number 5 we learnt before break. Kids are devided into two groups, boys and girls in two lines. They went to write 5 on the white board one by one. We’ll see which line can do better.

After winter break we will increase the input of our target languages, Chinese and Spanish, to these kids so that they can be well prepared for the full immersion kindergarten in the close future, even though it’s what we always try to do. Now all the classroom instructions, story telling, singing, white board teaching and craft explanation should be given in Chinese or Spanish. What makes me happy is that our kids don’t lose all the Chinese instrctions we have been practicing all the time in last semester.


This week we taught the change of four seasons in Chinese and our teacher Liu Laoshi did a great job. 这周我们用中文给小朋友讲了四季的变换。我们的刘老师讲得非常生动,让小朋友们也听得很开心。

For kids illustrating the process with pictures and arrows is rather interesting than plain explaning and our teacher, Liu laoshi did a great job. 对于孩子们来说,用图片和箭头的方式讲解四季的变换是比较生动有趣的。我们的老师刘老师讲解的方式也很吸引小孩子。

Last but not the least,  our kids are doing better in fine motor skills. Look at what they made out of rubber bands.最后,让我们来看看这周孩子们玩了什么锻炼动手能力的游戏。

Can you guess what are they trying to make? The left is a piano and the right is a clock! The reason I took pictures of them was that they did look like what they wanted to make. You may say “Piano?? I don’t think it looks like a piano.” But doesn’t it look like a classic piano looking from a different angle, like from up above it. Yes this is the imagination of our kids.  The right clock seems more realistic.


Christmas has passed. Did you have a great Christmas break? Kids are already looking forward to the next Christrmas and winter break. If they could choose they would never let this festival go. Minnesota is still in snow but we are back to school and start a new exciting semester!

圣诞节已过, 大家是否都有一个很棒的冬假呢? 孩子们已经在期盼下一个圣诞节和冬假了!如果他们可以选择的话,也许他们希望圣诞和冬假永远都不要结束吧。明尼苏达依然在下雪,而我们终于回到学校,开始了一个激动人心的新学期!