Wow! The 2nd week has passed! Let’s see what happened in this amazing week! 这学期的第二周过去啦,现在让我们来看看这一周的精彩瞬间吧!

和国内最近“带一条小鱼来学校观察的”新闻不谋而合的是,我们班也来了一条小鱼(pez),给小朋友们观察。上图为班上的小朋友们围坐在鱼缸周围,好奇地观看鱼缸里的小鱼。Similar as what has happened recently in China coincidently, the observing of a little fish started our second week.

pez (fish)

The letter of this week is “blanco”(white).这周我们学习的颜色是白色。

-What is white?  -Cloud! We are making clouds!

-Shaving cream! Let’s play some shaving cream!

How to play shaving cream? Teacher can spray some shaving cream on the green consturction paper. Kids will really enjoy spreading the cream all over the paper. Then let them try to write the initial of their name with q tips out of the shaving cream. Put it aside and the cream will become hard when it dries. 刮胡子用的泡沫怎么玩?首先老师可以在绿色的卡纸上喷一点泡沫。让孩子们将泡沫涂满整张纸,然后再用棉签在泡沫上写下自己名字的首字母。将满是泡沫的纸晾干之后,泡沫会变硬,将形状固定下来。

How to make sponge clouds? Just let them dip sponge cubes into the white paint and put them on the blue construction paper in the shape of clouds. 怎么用海绵画白云呢?就直接让小朋友们用海绵块醮上白色的颜料,然后在蓝色的卡纸上印出白云的形状。

The letter of this week is letter “L”. L for ladybug! 这周我们学习的字母是“L”。下面就是我们小朋友用字母“L”做的小瓢虫啦。是不是很可爱呀?!

L for ladybug

This week we practiced a type of new fine motor skill, using tweezers.Kids are very excited about using a new tool. Meanwhile we let them fetch a certain number of cotton balls to train their number counting ability. 这周我们训练了一种新的动手能力,使用镊子夹取物品。 孩子们接触到镊子这种新的工具都感到很兴奋。同时我们也让他们夹取一定数量的棉球来锻炼他们数数的能力。

using a tweezer

Another is puzzle,a very classic intelligent developmental game. Kids are pired up to work on a 24 pieces puzzle cooperatively. 另一款经典的益智游戏就是拼图啦。孩子们两人一组,合作完成一套24块的拼图。

puzzle winners

The Thursday of this week is the Bring a bear to school Day so kids are supposed to bring a stuffed bear to school and do some “show and tell”. 这周四是我们的泰迪熊日。孩子们要从家里带一只小熊娃娃来学校,给大家做一个分享。

Again we do our number writing practice.我们还继续做了数字书写练习。

number tracing

Finally it’s my story time! I read a story book about a little bear who tries to avoid the hibernation in winter. 最后是我的故事时间!我给孩子们读了一本书,是关于一只为了和朋友们玩而不想冬眠的小熊。

reading time

That’s pretty much all we did this week. At the end I would like to share the extreme beauty of the winer view outside of our classroom. 以上就是我们这一周的精彩瞬间啦。最后我还想和大家分享一下我们教室外面的绝美雪景。

Wish every one of you can enjoy this pretty winter view! Don’t forget to stay warm! 希望大家都能喜欢这样美丽的雪景!千万别忘记保暖哟!