January the 27th is a big day. What?! It’s the start of Chinese spring festival! In LILA the school staff also prepare the big celebration for this Chinese learning community on Jan. 29th. Now come with me and have a look of our Chinese stations and shows!

今年的一月二十七日是个大日子! 啥?!因为这一天正是中国春节的大年夜呀!湖畔语言学校也为这个中文学习的社群,包括我们中文项目的所有老师和学生以及学生家长准备了一场精彩的中华文化盛宴。

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In class we also have our own little celebrations! Dragon? Fu? Let’s see what kind of new year related crafts are we making! 除了学校的庆祝,在我们的小班级里也有自己的庆祝方式!是龙还是福呢?让我们来看看班上的小朋友们是怎么做春节相关的手工的吧!

How to make mini dragon dance?

1 To fold a strip of red construction paper 3 times as the dragon body

2 To color the dragon head and paws (there are two sides of the head and paws)

3 To paste head and paws on the body

4 Teacher can help staple two straws on the body to  complete

“Fu” is a very important word at this time of the year. It’s like the theme of the spring festival. Teacher prepare the red paper with “Fu” on it and then let students paste small pieces of sparkling paper to outline the character. “福”是一个非常重要的字,基本上是春节的主题啦。老师要首先准备好一张写着镂空的“福”字红纸。然后让学生剪下闪亮的小纸片,贴在福字里面将字凸显出来。

Field trip to Chinese market! Excited?! Our field trip to the asian store United Noodles must be the highlight of our class new year celebration! 我们要去中国商店里做校外教学啦!兴奋吧?!我们幼儿园去亚洲超市“United Noodles”进行参观绝对是班级春节庆祝活动的一大亮点!

The staff prepared special Chinese treats for our students.

Field trip is not only about visiting, we also have special mission on us! Our students are supposed to find the things in the store that we have talked about in class. Here is our mission paper. 这次参观不仅仅只是一个轻松的校外教学哦,小朋友们还有特别的任务哟!他们需要在商店里找出在班上学习过的物品圈出来。让我们来看看他们的任务纸吧!


看了这张任务纸,大家是不是觉得我们的小朋友们的中文很棒呢?因为他们是一群非常聪明活泼的孩子们呀!Think that our kids are good at Chinese? You know what? They will do better on their journey in LILA!

The 12 Chinese zodiac is also a topic of spring festival! We read the story and make an interesting zodiac plate. 中国传统的12生肖也是人们津津乐道的话题之一。我们读了关于生肖的故事并且还做了有趣的生肖盘。

Well this is our spring festival special and I hope you guys will like it! Happy spring festival to all the Chinese around the world! 这就是我们的春节特辑啦,希望你们会喜欢!在此祝全球华人新春佳节,阖家团圆,吉祥如意!