Do you know the Chinese traditional puzzle–tangram? It’s a well-known brain developing game  made out of seven pieces blocks of different shapes. In elementary classroom it is also a good way to bring about the unit of shapes. 你知道中国的七巧板吗?这是一种众所周知的儿童益智游戏。在我们的课堂中也是引入“图形”单元的一种不错的方式。

We first divide 18 kids into 6 groups with 3 in each. They all are given certain amount of tangram shapes to make whatever teacher says. Then we give out things to make like flower, butterfly and car. Different teams have their own presentation. In this activity attributes like cooperation and creativity has been well trained.


team work and creativity

Can you imagine? Our kids already can make their own Chinese vocabulary cards! Let’s see how are they doing that! 你能想象吗?我们幼儿园的孩子们已经可以自己制作汉字字卡啦!让我们一起来看看他们是怎么做的吧!

So easy! Teacher first give out characters on white board or smart board and do some illustration about how to write, writing sequence, pronounciation and meaning. Then let kids write down these characters on their pieces of paper and add some pictures as illstration of the character. They would love to do that because painting with different clors and pens can be one of their favorite things to do. 这很简单!老师首先将汉字写在白板上或者电子白板上,然后做相关的讲解,包括笔画顺序、发音和意义。再让孩子们自己写在小卡片上,并一定要在字的旁边画上反映字义的图画,这能帮助他们记忆汉字,并且起到提醒的作用。这样他们就做成自己的专属字卡啦!